The Department of Botany at Saikheda College is a prestigious institution for studying plant biology and related fields. Saikheda College, affiliated with the Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune , offers undergraduate program in Botany, focusing on various aspects of plant science, including:


-Plant morphology and anatomy

– Plant physiology and biochemistry

– Plant ecology and environmental science

– Plant systematics and evolution

– Plant biotechnology and genetics

The department is equipped with modern laboratory and botanical garden providing students with hands-on experience and opportunities for research and exploration.

Research and Publications:

– Faculty members Published 32 research papers in reputable journals, showcasing their expertise and contributing to the field of botany in last five Year.
-Prof. (Dr.) S.A.Khairnar, Dr.K.R.Khandare, Dr.S.V.Gosavi, Dr.S.S.Lalsare and Shri B.S.Kale Authored a book or contribute chapters in books, demonstrating their in-depth knowledge and expertise in Review of Botany.


– Dr.K.R.Khandare and Dr. S.S.LalsareĀ  has 2 patents, indicating innovative and practical applications of botanical research.

Student Engagement and Outreach:

– Organized study tours for Botany students to various study places, providing hands-on learning experiences.
– – Conducted the Ranbhaji Pakkala Competition, promoting student engagement and creativity.
– Initiated “Plant of the Month” and “Botanica Wallpaper” as best practices, fostering student interest and appreciation for botany.
– Organized a Mushroom Photography Competition, encouraging students to explore and capture the beauty of fungi.

Overall, our faculty member has demonstrated a strong commitment to research, teaching, and student engagement, making significant contributions to the department and the field of botany