Best Practices

Best Practice-1

  1. Title: Greater Achievements in Sports
  2. Objectives:
  • To identify the talent and train the students.
  • To monitor and improve the performance.
  • To encourage the students to take up sports related careers.
  • To form disaster management team at the time of flood situation in Saikheda


  1. Context: Sports is an integral part of holistic education. Sports develops overall personality

of students physically and mentally.

  1. The Practice: All students are motivated to participate in different sports. Sports-talent is searched at

micro level and appropriate training is provided by the Institute throughout the academic year. The

institute monitors performance of students and contributes for

their excellence in respective sporting event like Kabadi, Kho-Kho, Athletics, Mall Kham, Crosscountry,

Cricket, Weightlifting, volleyball, and water sports through Director of Physical Education.

  1. Evidence of Success:

As per circular Institute conducts many sporting tournaments throughout the year, including

annual sports week.

There is a continuous rise in number of students who have qualify for State and National level


The participation in National and State level competition helps them to recruits in various Civil


All sports events increase he physical fitness and overall health of students.

  1. Problems encountered and resources required

Inadequate modern sports equipment.

  1. Outcome:

Student have achieved many national and State level medals.

This best practice result into placement of student in civil services.

Being a part of flooded area our trained student’s works as volunteer along with District Disaster

management team.


Best Practice-2

  1. TitleStudent Enrichment Programme
  2. Objectives:

To enhance research and scientific communication aptitude among the students.

To inculcate the ability of critical thinking towards problem solving.

To fill the scientific temperament gap of school students.

To uplift the intellectual level of the society.

To literate in Indian Knowledge system.

  1. Context:

In order to develop scientific temperament, critical thinking, communication, presentation skills and

Indian Knowledge system. The Institute organises programme like College to school, Avishkar, Quiz

competition, poster presentation and Modi and Brahmi Scripts.

  1. The Practice:

College to School: This unique activity is a bridge between college and school . Where our

students along with some faculty members visit nearby school and vice versa for demonstration

of various experiments from curriculum.

Avishar :-Avishkar is a research and innovation based activity organised by Savitribai Phule Pune

University. Institute motivate student to participate in this activity with their own ideas or

models. This competition is organised from Institute to National Level. Faculty members guide

the participant students for their presentation.

Quiz competition:- Department of Chemistry organise inter collegiate quiz competition since

  1. This competition helps to create interest in chemistry and to make learning easy for

students. It is organized up to National level by online mode. Students also participate in quiz

competition organised by other Institutions and have won the prize.

Modi and Brahmi Script.:- Institute takes initiative to enhance the Indian knowledge system

among the students through conducting Skill development course in ancient Indian Scripts. i.e.

Modi and Brahmi.

  1. Evidence of Success:

In ‘college to school’ activity four to six students of each department of science faculty

demonstrate two to three practical experiments for 100-120 school students of 9th and 10th


In Avishkar competition every department presents a project or poster at Institute level. Selected

projects are sent to further zonal and University Level competition.

There is continuous increase in participation in inter collegiate chemistry quiz competition.

Students won the prizes in quiz competition organised by this Institute and other Institutes.

he Skill development course in Modi and Brahmi scripts was successfully run by Department of

History since 2016-17. Two to three batches have successfully completed this course.

  1. Problems encountered and resources required:

The Chemistry Quiz programme was conducted by online mode and other activities were unable

to conduct due to Covid -19 pandemic situation.

  1. Outcome:
  • Student impart their knowledge and skill successfully to school students while implementing college to School activity.
  • It created interest in experimental learning and enhanced the research ability of student by encouraging them to participate in Avishkar Competition.
  • Institute promotes the study of Chemistry in objective mode and with pleasure.
  • It inculcated the interest about ancient scripts.